Wednesday 8-10pm

Bebington High School

Great 3G 6 a side pitches well placed on the Wirral. We think they are the best pitches in the area!

Contact Barry (League Manager) for any queries on 07710 814 329 or email





Affiliated to Cheshire FA

18 minutes each way.

Monday: 3 leagues of 6 teams

Tuesday: 2 leagues – division 1 – 9 teams, division 2 – 10 teams

Wednesday: 2 leagues – division 1 – 9 teams, division 2 – 10 teams

Thursday: 3 leagues of 6 teams

The league will run 8pm-10pm every Wednesday. All games are 6 a side and cost £30 per team per week.

If you are ever struggling to put a team out, please get in touch – 07710 814 329 or

Missing games with no notice is unacceptable, we can almost always help out with extra players etc if you need them.

6 a side – maximum of 3 subs allowed – roll on roll off subs when ball is dead.

There is no head height rule.

There are no offsides.

No slide tackles, however sliding blocks or to sliding to keep the ball in play is allowed.

‘Kick ins’ from the sides when the ball leaves the pitch.

The keeper may not leave the area, if the keeper does leave the area intentionally a penalty kick will be enforced.

The keeper may distribute the ball however they wish.

The keeper may not pick up back passes – a free kick from where the ball was passed will be awarded.

A player may not enter either area. If a defender enters his own area a penalty will be awarded, if its an attacker who enters the area the keeper will take control of the ball, however in either case if it is momentum that takes you into the area the punishment will not be enforced.

For all other rules the laws of association football will apply.

If a team fails to show up they will be given a 5-0 loss.

If a team gives us advance warning unlike with other leagues there will be no fine (48 hours or more)  if a team confirms and then doesn’t show they must pay £60 (double match fee).

We can always help out with getting players as we have a player pool of individuals who are after a game so get in touch if you need a hand one week.